March 23, 2023  
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Scraper.   Kentucky, USA

This nice flint scraper was found along a dirt road in the mountains of south east Kentucky.

Scraper.   Kentucky, USA

This scraper was made from a large waste flake. The edge has been finely worked as you can see. It fits comfortably between your finger and thumb. It would have been very effective in removing tissue from the inside of an animal hide.

Turtle Back Scraper.   Kentucky, USA

One side is flat and the other is rounded. Overall shape is like a turtle shell. This is a fairly common shape for scrapers.

Hafted Scraper.   Kentucky, USA

These tools are often called stunners but they are actually scrapers that were mounted on a handle. Many of these seem to have started out as broken points that were salvaged.

Kentucky Tool Core.   Kentucky, USA

This is probably the nicest tool core that I have found. Check out that color.







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