February 6, 2023  
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Time to Kill   Beaufort County, South Carolina, USA
With all the rain recently, I couldn't stand the allure of a ditch I recently rediscovered. I had an afternoon with nothing to do so I went fossil hunting. I didn't find a lot, but what I did find was really nice.
The Idiot Divers   Beaufort County, South Carolina, USA
I normally just post on Fossilgiuy.com, but this was part of RivrDigr fest, so I must post here!

When planning a dive trip to the Galapagos Islands this summer, I noticed on our flight itinerary that one of our layovers when returning home was near the Lowcountry of South Carolina. What Luck! I immediately got our flight stopped at the layover… I didn’t care how we got home; we would be in fossil-lowcountry! I then contacted Ditchweezil about our stay in the Lowcoun...
Diving for Megalodon Teeth in Beaufort SC   Beaufort County, South Carolina, USA

RivrDigrFest '08 is upon us. Its that magical time of year when RivrDigr visits the SC lowcountry for some rest and relaxation. He brings his boat and invites some of us to go diving for megalodon teeth in Beaufort SC. T$, Scuba Paul, and myself met with RivrDigr at the appointed area, loaded up the gear, and sped off in search of prehistoric booty.

We arrived at the dive spot - the same one we ...

3 days of diving for RivrDigrFest07   Beaufort County, South Carolina, USA

I was down for 4 days of RivrDigrFest07.  When RivrDigr brings his lovely cruiseship up to SC for a couple weeks of fun and generously invites dopes like myself to join him for a few days.  We spent 1 day on the Cooper while i was down, and the other 3 on a different river that is worse diving conditions, less teeth, but usually better stuff. 

Day 1 - Pain: 

Black Water Fossil Diving in Beaufort, SC   Beaufort County, South Carolina, USA

RivrDigrFest 07 raged on without me as work and family duties let me be a grown up for a few days. When Saturday arrived, I had the blessing of my better half to scour the bottom of the river for goodies. I could hardly wait because rivrdigr and scubapaul have been rackin for days. I haven't been in Beaufort too many times, but the prospect of serrated beauties at the bottom is inticing. I was excited to go, but nervous about this dive.

What, me...







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