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Dino in NorthCarolina yep........   Bladen County, North Carolina, USA
A few weeks ago ozzyrules called to see if I was up to any hunting in Lumberton North Carolina well its been awhile since I was able to hunt fossils since my little girl was born so as any good husban does I begged to go from the wife she said yes and off I went. Well what I found was shocking we were in the cretaceous stuff and the finds of the day was ok I did get a hybodont shark tooth which is rare. Then it happened I dug out a piece of bone which I thought at the time might be whale. Well t...
My travels through time…Day 1 the Cretaceous   Bladen County, North Carolina, USA

My much awaited trip was finally about to start. 3:30AM..As I walked out to my car I noticed the thermometer read 5 degrees. I couldn’t wait to get to my destination and the warmer temps. The miles rolled by..100..200..300 then I saw the North Carolina state border sign. Still I drove south.  I was getting closer to my first stop, a Cetace...

Cape Fear Cougar?   Bladen County, North Carolina, USA

Three years ago, just after deciding to uproot the family and move to NC, I did what any fanatical fossil hunter would do and Googled every stream, river, town and county in North Carolina along with the words "fossil" and/or "Shark Tooth". Almost all the searches resulted in either dead ends or information already available in various well known books and websites. One search however hit gold; an online version of a text from about a hundred years ago that describes...

Lumbering Around the Cretaceous   Bladen County, North Carolina, USA

DW and T$ cruised up to my house Friday for the ride to the BRFC PCS weekend trip. We decided to try our collecting skills at a new locale, a borrow pit for a dump outside of Lumberton NC. The site is Cretaceous in age, and X-Dan had scored some nice fossils here. We arrived with about an hour until closing time so we got on the job. Little teeth were strewn about the flats. Some fresh material looked promising, but the lack of rain made the teeth a little better hidden. We a...

A PIT-STOP EN ROUTE TO LEE CREEK   Bladen County, North Carolina, USA

This was another great weekend of fossil hunting to look forward too. The day started off with a trip to da fossz’s crib and it felt like home. So many awesome fossils! It was the first time I got to see his collection in person and on the way out he happily patted me down to make sure I wasn’t walking out with any fossils

A Pit-Stop en route to Lee Creek   Bladen County, North Carolina, USA

Its beginning to be that time of the year for Black River Fossils to shine its blackest. Spring is here and the diving season is just around the corner. The spring collecting season is in full effect and 6 of us made the journey to Aurora to scour the famous Lee Creek mine for shark teeth. Its a long drive, though, and we do our best to hit as many other locations as possible to maximize collecting and take advantage of the new scenery.

Our first stop was a ...

NC Cretaceous   Bladen County, North Carolina, USA
Two weeks ago I made another trip hoping to expand my fledgling collection of North Carolina Cretaceous material. The forecast was calling for sunny and 65 deg which meant I could bring my daughter along without worrying about cold complaints. We arrived at the site early and gave it a scan since there had been a little bit of rain in the past week. There wasn’t much laying out in the open, the best find was a blond, slightly beat up croc tooth. While walking the site we were also introduced to ...
Cretaceous Crawl   Bladen County, North Carolina, USA
Since I moved down from NJ, I’ve been itching to get out and explore some of the great fossil locales North Carolina has to offer, other than Greensmill Run. My early December trip to a Cretaceous land site was promising but having my four year old son with me didn’t allow for much time collecting. Between Christmas and New Years, the opportunity presented itself to make a return visit, this time without the young’uns. Not being very familiar with the area, I spent most of the first hour walking...
Bucket "o" Mud   Bladen County, North Carolina, USA
Two weeks ago while my wife and daughter were up in NJ I took my son to a Cretaceous land site here in NC. The morning temperatures were in the low 30s and the ground was a little muddy so collecting with my son for any period of time was out. I decided instead to go and bring some material home to search through in the comfort of indoors. I picked up about 10 gallons of what I hoped was the right formation and spent the past two weeks searching it a little at a time. I’m still trying to get a h...






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