February 6, 2023  
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Into the darkness...   South Carolina, South Carolina, USA
This post is from a trip last year, the first weekend in October to be exact, on the Cooper River. I was lucky enough to be able to join a charter of three guys from the Chicago area because none of my usual dive buddies could get away. The best part was these guys were diving three days straight, three dives a day. That made it a little easier to convince the wife that I would have to stay for three days and proof that I am not the only person who just can't get enough of this kind of thing. I ...
Merry christmas   South Carolina, South Carolina, USA
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone on blackriver fossils. Please remember all the men and women protecting us and the rest of the world over seas. This message brought to you by a proud American..........sharkdentist...
2thhoover 1st tattoo its "sharky"   South Carolina, South Carolina, USA
2thhoover came to visit me friday to check out my wife and our new house and we were talking about my fossil tattoo's and he thought he might would like to get one. Well with the weather being bad and not being able to fossil hunt this weekend I hooked him up with a buddy of mine in Augusta Ga who owns his on tattoo shop and drew this out for him and 2 hours later he had his 1st tattoo. Can't post any fossil pics so this will half to do for this week. later Sharkdentist..............
First Cooper trip   South Carolina, South Carolina, USA
I have been enjoying the posts on this board for a couple years now and figure its time to pitch in. Up to this trip my fossil hunting experience was limited to digging in the Peace River and diving off Venice here in Florida. I spent countless hours searching the internet for any and all info on diving the famed Cooper River. Current, darkness, and alligators....Oh my! I knew I wanted to do this but I have to admit, I was a little uneasy based on what I had read. I had dove in very low vis and ...
Low-Co Otodus   South Carolina, South Carolina, USA
I’ve been getting my fill of the North Carolina Cretaceous on the past couple of outings, so back in early February I decided it was again time to make a road trip to the Low Country of South Carolina. My daughter Juli was coming along so when the area received an inch of rain on Thursday I was teetering as to whether we should postpone the trip to another weekend. The outlook was bleak until I received a message from PaleoBum Friday afternoon indicating we would be able to collect at a quarry w...






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