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Texans make a stop in Alabama to do some hunting

The well traveled Texas fossil hunters did make a stop in Alabama at a reasonably well known Eocene site. None of us had ever hunted in Alabama so it was a new and interesting experience. We managed to find the site just fine, although we were a bit nervous about going into it because there was some fencing with a sign attached that said "Authorized persons only" and we weren't quite sure we qualified as 'authorized' at the time. But I went on in and met up with a couple of local guys and they gave me the low down on the accessibility of the site, and then we were good to go! We first did a little surface scanning right at the edge of the river and found a few smaller teeth that way. Nothing really huge, but were happy to be finding some teeth at this site. After awhile we started some sifting but the fossil layer there wasn't the best for screening since it had just enough clay to want to be water resistant. But we started screening and digging and found quite a few teeth. We did manage a couple of partial C. auriculatis although both were quite small. Next time out there we will find some complete auriculatis though! I managed to find a fish jaw with teeth still in their sockets, and I'll get a picture of that soon. Otherwise it was mostly all shark material besides some nice but delicate horn corals we found. It was definitely a wonderful site to hunt and we look forward to it again in the near future.
Location Andalusia, Alabama, USA

Date Added12/28/2005


Physogaleus secundus
Physogaleus secundus
Carcharias koerti
Carcharias koerti
Squatina prima
Squatina prima





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