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WWII Japanese Officer Swords found in GUam   Guam, USA
Conducting UXO clearance at a site in Guam, our UXO technicians found a pair of WWII Japanese Officer swords at the site today! Relic condition, but still! I wish I could keep them! But alas, we turned them over to the base archaeologist, who nearly had a heart attack, LOL I've found a number of nifty artifacts this trip around, and will post them in the next week or so. ...
Return to Guam, Spring 2012   Guam, USA
A long-overdue return trip to Guam.  Didn't get as much time to wander as last time, but still tried to make as much out of it as I could.  Found some nifty stuff, including some U.S. rifle rounds, two large copper rifling bands from US naval guns, a nice brass artillery siting screw (3 oclock position), and an interesting lead syringe(?) tip (11 oclock position).  Anyone know what the two spark-plug-looking items are?
First trip to Guam   Guam, USA
I should have posted this one first. Before we conducted work at the site, we had some ex-Navy UXO guys screen the site for possible WWII UXO. They found two US "pineapple" hand grenades and a complete, unexploded US Navy 5" projectile (destroyer, cruiser or battleship). These were subsquently safely removed by Navy ordinance and blowup on-island before we started work....
Guam World War II Artifacts   Guam, USA
I had an opportunity (the first of many upcoming) to head to Guam for business. I was there for several weeks. There are some fossil shells to be had in the Eocene limestone that comprises half the island, but they were non-descript, and I didn't find any of the rare Eocene crabs at the one locale I tracked down. HOWEVER, as Guam was the site of a vicious World War II battle between the Americans & the Japanese, I did some beach combing and found a lot of nifty WWII artifacts! I foun...






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