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Black River Fossils Image Galleries

Black River Fossils Image Gallery List

Welcome to the Black River Fossils Image galleries! This links will take you to pages with hundreds of different fossil pictures. Enjoy!

Artifact Gallery - this gallery is devoted to artifacts. These are the only galleries whose content is not found anywhere else on this site. For now there are two locations, New Jersey and New York. Contact Ditchweezil if you want to start a new location!

Da fossZ's Image Gallery - Da fossZ was the second posting member of Black River Fossils. Over the years he has posted hundreds of photos with his trip reports, and this gallery is a collection of his photos.

Forum Images Gallery - this image gallery is a collection of photos from this site's Fossil Forums from hundreds of different contributors.

t$ Image Gallery - t$ was the third posting member of Black River Fossils, and like Ditchweezil and Da Fossz, he has also amassed a large quantity of photos over the years through his Trip Reports and Fossils.

Weekly Tooth Gallery - Long time fans of Black River Fossils will remember a page called the Weekly Tooth. This gallery is all the winners of that distinguished honor! For those of you who don't remember the Weekly tooth feature, it was from back before anyone could make their own trip reports. Friends of the site often made stellar finds of their own and they would email Ditchweezil with their finds who would post the best of the best as the Weekly tooth.






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