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Fossil Hunting Expeditions

Fossil hunting is really great if you can do it safely and responsibly. It is available in many areas. If you are looking for a guided fossil hunting tour, please Google Mark Renz. He runs fossil hunting tours out of the Peace river in Florida and many people have had a great experience with him, including the Travel Channel.

Summerville SC Fossil Hunting

Lots of people are interested in Summerville SC fossil hunting, and there are fossils to be found even now. There were some legal issues recently and before you come here to hunt you'll want to read this post in the forum concerning legal issues with collecting fossils in Summerville. Unfortunately, a few bad apples have ruined a great thing. It seems like every day rumors circulate through the fossil hunting community that another person or group of people has been ticketed for some reason or another, so if you do come to Summerville only plan on surface collecting. Digging of any kind is ill-advised unless you know for certain digging is allowed where you plan to collect. You can also collect in other areas of the lowcountry of South Carolina but you should follow good fossil hunting etiquette when doing so - never tresspass, never dig in a bank of a stream or ditch, never litter, and always leave a place better than you found it.

Scuba Diving for Megalodon Teeth

People want to come to Summerville to hunt fossils so they can find a Megalodon tooth. The best way to find megalodon teeth is through scuba diving. South Carolina issues fossil & artifact hunting permits through SCIAA. You must have a permit to collect fossils below mean low tide, even if you are not scuba diving. Once you are legal, be ready for a wild ride! Black water diving isn't for the weak at heart - you can't see more than about 12 inches, the current is fierce at times, and there are creepy crawlies like alligators and snakes that are enough to turn most people away. If you're still interested, google Cooper river diving charters for some good options.

Don't be surprised or offended if nobody wants to share their shark tooth hunting spots. Productive fossil hunting locations are few and far between and all the veterans know that the only reason they still have places to hunt shark teeth is because they were kept secret. It's a sad state of affairs, but its the truth. On the flip side of the coin, when you do have a good place to hunt shark teeth and other fossils, be careful whom you tell. It only takes one bad apple to ruin it for you.






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