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A good mistake!

Last week I posted a trip concerning the discovery of a new echinoid. The location was Berkeley County, SC. As usual, I goofed up, and the location was listed under Andalusia, Alabama. The Ditchweezil came to my rescue again and it's now back in South Carolina where it belongs. But not before I received an Email from "Foshunter". He's a collector from Florida who was going to be in Andalusia collecting that weekend. He said he would be on the lookout for some of the odd echinoids. I Emailed him back with an apology for the mistake. I also asked him to send me some pictures of any of the local echinoids. He graciously complied and sent me pictures of some excellent specimens. They are Periarchus lyelli from the Late Eocene limestone. He say's there are several colored layers exposed in a creek. The echinoids themselves come out naturally blue or tan, with the later being the most rare. The specimens shown are between 3 to 3.5 inches in diameter. Thanks Foshunter!
Location Andalusia, Alabama, USA

Date Added10/27/2006


A promise finally made good...
A promise finally made good...
Back to LA (lower Alabama).
Back to LA (lower Alabama).
Into the Wilds of South Alabama
Into the Wilds of South Alabama





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