March 23, 2023  
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Point Blank.   Kentucky, USA

This is a point blank. These are the last form the stone goes through before being shaped into a point. Sometimes these were carried around in this form until they were made into whatever was needed at the time. I have read that cashes of these have been found that contain dozens of blanks and occasionally complete points as well. If you put notches on the bottom corners of this blank and sharpen the tip it would be a nice point.

Kentucky Point.   Kentucky, USA

I found this point in the same creek, and on the same day, as the chipped axe. The creek was a wonderful place to find artifacts. Two years after I realised what a super artifact hunting area this was they flooded the entire valley and made a lake. Not fair!!!

Colorful Points.   Kentucky, USA

This is a nice group of very colorful points from Kentucky. I found very few points this colorful, most were dark grey, brown, or tan.







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