December 5, 2022  
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Scraper Tool   Colleton County, South Carolina, USA
one of the nicer scrapers that I've found in the Edisto river. ...
Unknown Artifact   Colleton County, South Carolina, USA
When I originally found this artifact, I thought it was broken from another larger unknown artifact. Then, da fossz found another one. It is obviously worked into this shape intentionally. Anyone know what it is?...
Scraper   Colleton County, South Carolina, USA
The last hour before we left this new spot, the weezling and I worked a section of gravel close to shore that was loaded with artifacts. We both found a scraper and two broken points. This is the scraper I found. On one side of it the edge was worked to a really fine edge so its still really sharp. 6 artifacts is a really high number to find an an hour concentrated in one 10 foot by 10 foot area. There will be more artifacts in this section of the river - I'm sure of it!...
Edisto River Edgefield Scraper   Colleton County, South Carolina, USA
A scraper made from a broken spear. Even ancient Native Americans believed in recycling! Seen often enough to have a name - this particular style is called an Edgefield Scraper....
Scraper/knife   Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

One of the most interesting artifacts I have found. I think it is a Guildford Axe from the Archaic Era. Apparantly, part of base is broken.

Scraper   Colleton County, South Carolina, USA
This scraper still has a really sharp edge....
1.5 Inch Scraper   Colleton County, South Carolina, USA
A high quality Edgefield scraper. From comparing to other specimens, this scraper appears to have been made by a lefty....
2 1/4"Scraper   Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA
This is a sweet find - its an indian Scraper. At first I thought it was a blade, and then Hank Hill at work told me it was a hide scraper. And to think I almost didn't even pick it up. The vis in the river was pretty bad - like 3 inches because it was slack tide and every move stirred up the bottom. I thought this thing looked peculiar so I picked it up. It turned out to be the best thing I found on that set of dives. ...






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