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Last weekend we decided to go for a drive along the coast to see if we could find some kind of construction going on anywhere.  Good thing we did!!!  I found a place that had a nice deep hole and it almost looked liked they were getting into the upper Yorktown.  I got so excited I thought we would find some real nice teeth.  Turns out they were just hitting James City.  But we decided to look around just in case there was something out there.  Good thing we did because about 5 min into looking I found one of the prettiest Great Whites that I have ever found.  Then I searched real hard for the next 20 min thinking there may be more but the place was covered with footprints.  I did manage to find another Great White and my wife found a Tiger Shark.  I will have to go back to this place sometime after a real hard rain and hope that they have brought up some new material.  Until next time.....Good Hunting!!!!

Location Beaufort County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added3/14/2008


James City Great White
James City Great White





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