February 24, 2018  
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1 3/4" Arrowhead

This is the undoubtedly the find of the day for me. I rarely find artifacts, but when I do, I'm thrilled! I found this in a section of the ditch very close to where I've found every other indian item from the ditch. I'll bet there was a camp somewhere near there. My friend Roy said that they symmetry on this arrowhead makes it special. He said that there were lots of indians who didn't really care to make them even on both sides like this one. I wonder if they knew we'd be so wild about collecting them, they'd have done a better job? The guy who made this was GOOD - at least in my novice opinion, anyway.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA
Artifact Type Points
Age Holocene Epoch
Length 1 3/4 inches

Date Added4/11/2003


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