May 23, 2022  
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1 1/4" Arrowhead

This is the first arrowhead I ever found diving. It came from the Cooper river from under about 36 feet of water. Its one of the strangest arrowheads I've ever seen. It looks normal from the first photo, but look at the second photo. It’s a photo taken from the tip. Its twisted! I've seen others like this before, but never to this degree. From what I've been told, the purpose was so that the arrow rotated as it went in so it did more damage. Its not that spectacular, otherwise. But since these are way more rare than teeth, I count myself lucky to have found it.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA
Artifact Type Points
Age Holocene Epoch
Length 1 1/4 inches

Date Added6/8/2002


My first dive of 2002
My first dive of 2002





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