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2 1/2" Spear Tip

You can't tell from the picture, but if you look at it head on, one side curves up and the other side curves down. Both edges of arrowheads generally lie on the same plane.One corner is chipped where the tip would have been attached to the spear, but it's really cool because it is the only one I have ever found. I traded this to my friend about a year ago for a tooth, and I have always regretted that trade. Today, he just gave it back along with a few other arrowheads. What a guy! This, and all the other arrowheads on this page came from the same creek as most of my Angustidens.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA
Artifact Type Points
Age Holocene Epoch
Length 2 1/2 inches

Date Added8/5/2000


2" Arrowhead
2" Arrowhead
1 5/8" Arrowhead
1 5/8" Arrowhead
1 5/8" Arrowhead
1 5/8" Arrowhead





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