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Bag filler day in the Cooper

Most people would say that we were crazy to go out diving in the Cooper on a holiday, but today the weather was pretty bad, so there weren't many people on the water. And the vis was KILLER!! I am thinking like 10 feet. Lets just say when I was on the bottom, I could still see a bit of light from the surface - I have never seen it that good before. We dove on a huge rock bed that we found last year, and found literally pounds of teeth. (I found an anchor, too. I dragged it around my whole first dive. Current was NOT a problem) The picture below has the teeth laying on a bath towel. A great set of dives! At bottom right there is a piece of pottery, and on the left, you will see the best stuff I came back with - a really nice back-of-the-mouth meg, and a pristine, beautifully colored angustidens.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/4/2000


2 9/16" Megalodon Tooth
2 9/16" Megalodon Tooth





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