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No encore

Sunday night, da f0ssZ called and said he would meet us at the big ditch. That's cool. We needed to pillage that place, and with df's eagle eyes, we would surely accomplish it. He actually beat us down there even though he lives 100 miles from the ditch and we only like 2.5 miles from it. He's more dedicated, I guess. When we got there, though, he already had two nice ones. Jealous but determined, we went off to seek our own fortunes while he continued to strike it rich. In the photo, top left is a nice vert. The next three pictures are of the same tooth, but it rules. Its totally perfect and has a great fang as you can see in the side view. On the bottom row, there is a big chunk of whale tooth. He found the other half, but it really didn't fit together well. Then, there are some more nice teeth he found. Man, he had a good day!

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added10/14/2002

A collage of some nicer finds

No encore
No encore





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