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A banner day at the creek with 3 perfect Angustidens

In the past week, tropical storms Gordon and Helene blew through here dropping massive amounts of rain. Yesterday, I drove by and saw that the water level was about 6 feet deep!! I have never seen it that full before, and today it was still 3 feet in places. The weeds and bushes along the bank were all laying on their sides - had I gone yesterday, the water would have been way over my head in most places. Today, I could resist no longer - I had to go to see what was there. I braved the muddy, snake ridden(yes, I did see a snake!), mosquito infested creek and struck it rich. 3 perfect Angustidens, 2 nice great whites, gobs of little ones, and a 3/4 5 5/8" megalodon (not pictured). What a day! Maybe I will go back tomorrow when the water level goes lower??
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/23/2000


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