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I wrote this massive post yesterday about how much fun I had on my trip to Aurora, but still I had this empty feeling. I had no tooth to carry around and caress while I watch tv. A day of toothing with no payoff is tough to bear. While I was in church, though, it rained like crazy yesterday morning. I knew that there had been 3 rains since I had hunted the Big Ditch, so the chance of success there would be high. I set my alarm for early this morning and headed off to the mosquito infested hallowed ground. It was a beautiful morning - the kind where I just knew I would find something. I stepped into the clear water and immediately felt the water course into both of my boots. I had grabbed the wrong pair. DANG! I hate hunting with wet feet, so I went back to my truck to ring out my socks and nab my good boots. Then, it was off to really hunt. I was moving quickly because I only had an hour total to hunt, and today's mission was to find all the obvious stuff. I'll go back later in the week to pick up the not-so-obvious teeth. It was tough to see, though, because the water was still a little bit deep and murky at the bottom. But there is now Chandler Bridge everywhere. You can't walk a section of that ditch without being able to see the layer itself. Most areas, you can see the Wando, too. Anyway, I got into this killer wash out on a bend where the CB was just blasted on both sides. Right there, I found my prize. It was sticking up about an inch out of the sand with its tip toward the sky. I saw it from 10 feet and as I approached, I was uttering "please, be whole" over and over under my breath. The tip was there. YES! I pinched it with my thumb and index finger and lightly shook it. It resisted my movements. That's a good sign. I lifted it up and immediately washed it off. I lifted it from the water and it shone in the sun like a diamond. That was the one I came for. I didn't really look too carefully after that because it would be greedy to find more than one of these in a day. I rounded the last bend and saw a guy there sifting! It was only 7:30! I didn't expect to see anyone there today. I talked to him for a minute and showed him and his buddy my tooth. That's what they came for, they said, and they started sifting with renewed vigor. I started back to my truck, all the time feeling around in my pocket to be sure that my tooth was still there. I passed a few piles, but I didn't really look carefully. It was time to go.

Its been raining for hours, now. I'm itching to go back out and really hunt the piles. I sense another trip tomorrow morning.

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added11/11/2002


2 7/8" Angustidens Shark Tooth
2 7/8" Angustidens Shark Tooth





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