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Great potential at a new spot

On a hot tip, I combed a rural hunt club to find a new (to me, anyway) pit. Since the gate was locked, I ended up having to walk. I ran into lots of hunters, though, and they were able to point me in the right direction. By the time I got there, though, I already had blisters on both heels. I was there to hunt, though, and hunt I did. I walked all over the thing, picking up teeth all along the way. I started digging one hole and found the killer mako. I probed around for another place, and after finally settling on a location, I cleared off the top level of dirt so I could see what I was doing. After all the work, I came away with a small meg. The root was dinged up and there was a strip of peel on the front, but it was enough to convince me that the spot was worth coming back!

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/15/2003

Nice colors on these teeth!

1 15/16" Broad Toothed Mako shark tooth
1 15/16" Broad Toothed Mako shark tooth





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