January 18, 2022  
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Rain turns me into a fossil hunting animal

For the 3rd day in a row, I spent my lunch hour hunting teeth. Today it was the Big Ditch's turn to feed my crack-esque craving. Yesterday when I drove by, I saw that it had plenty of water in it, and I considered getting up early this morning to be there when the sun rose. My wife gave me a weird look, though, so I resigned myself to going at lunch. To my horror, when I arrived I saw another car. Someone else had the same idea that I did. As I walked along the top of the ditch, though, I didn't see anyone. So I hopped down into the ditch as if I knew I would rake it in. Like 2 minutes later I found a tapir tooth just sitting out in the open. The other guy hadn't made it this far yet. I hunted with added intensity at that point. Today, I was armed with my top-secret ditch tool (nope, this one's not in the tool section) and I was determined to clean it out. About halfway back to the truck, I saw the unbelievable - a meg in the bottom. I hardly ever find those here, especially just walking along. But there it was. Its not complete, but I don't complain about anything I find. Then I found the shamer angy. I was already a little late getting back, so I had to hurry up and jet. I am still reeling from my success. I hope I'm not ruining my PCS Karma by hunting so much! You know what's great? There are still a couple more spots to hit, and I'm not gonna have time to do it before I go. I already know where I'm going next Tuesday!

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/28/2003


Tapir Tooth
Tapir Tooth





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