September 30, 2022  
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Gobs of teeth!

Just Sunday, we had some really nice rainfall - Exactly what I have been waiting for. Not just me, but everyone else around here who collects fossils, too! I got out as soon as I got off work and went straight to the new ponds. There weren't as many lying around as I thought, but I didn't do too badly. All the orange teeth came from there. After there, I went to the creek. I knew that they just dug it out again not too long ago, but I totally forgot until I stepped down into it. Oh Man! Teeth laying everywhere! By this time, it was dark and I was hunting by flashlight (yes, I am a hardcore), but I do really well that way. The cream of the crop today, though, was this incredible looking bone I found. It broke all in pieces when I pulled it out, but I am trying to reconnect all of them. I will post it when I do. I think it may be a pelvic bone or an atlas, but I can't tell. I sure wish I had taken a picture of it in the ground. That would make it much easier to put back together. All in all, today was amazing for collecting as you can see from the pictures. Here is the final tally: 5 megalodons, 17 Angustidens, 7 Makos, 7 Great Whites, and piles of little and broken teeth.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added11/20/2000


1 1/16" Tiger Shark Tooth
1 1/16" Tiger Shark Tooth





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