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Pride and Pestilence

We didn't drive back to Superpit with the intention of digging. Instead, we only wanted to pick up the fossils rinsed out by the rain. We biked back and walked the hills and ditch in about 30 minutes. There weren't many teeth, and we knew there wouldn't be, but I found my best tooth of the day back there. Then it was time to go home. Thus ended the 8 hour 2thin marathon. Not that we didn't want to do more, but with as many people who are hunting nowadays, it would have been tough to find another productive place that late in the day.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added3/22/2003


Nice pleistocene stuff from the Cooper River
Nice pleistocene stuff from the Cooper River
I am lousy gator bait
I am lousy gator bait
The ditch is back!
The ditch is back!





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