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The mud teaches me a lesson

Since daylight saving time started this week, so did my after work fossil hunting expeditions. With all the rain who could blame me? I went out to superpit with high expectations. The last time I went out there (I didn't do a trip report because I didn't get a chance to find anything. There were rednecks with automatic weapons shooting blindly into the pit. I left not wanting any extra holes) we noted some serious possibilities because of some intense digging. Well, I hit the edges first. Big piles, deep mud. I ventured down the slope a little too far and got stuck knee-deep in the mud. I struggled to free myself for like 45 minutes, but in the end, I had to leave my right boot. At least it was the one with the hole in it. I still hadn't hunted the bottom of the pit, so I went with one boot and one sock. There were teeth poking out everywhere, but everything was broken! I was cold, tired, and slathered with mud. Plus my right foot hurt from stepping on the rocks. It was getting dark and starting to rain, and I still had the mile and a half bike ride back to my truck. It was all worth it though. I just love finding teeth! I guess tomorrow before I go, I'll need to pick up some more boots.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/9/2003


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