January 27, 2022  
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The Magic Chalupa

I think today actually started when my wife got home around noon. She had taken my son to play golf, and on the way home, they stopped at Taco Bell. She had an extra chalupa, and she brought it to me. I drenched it in fire sauce and happily devoured it, not knowing of its magical properties. 2pm arrived and tha dUDe arrived ready to extend his lucky streak from last week. I already had the bikes loaded in my truck, so we were on our way. Since we had great rainfall yesterday, we were planning a day of walking and picking up teeth. First stop - Superpit. Work had continued since I last visited, and there was much more layer exposed at the bottom. The rains had exposed plenty of fossil laden material, and we carefully plodded across the floor of the pit. I say carefully, because there are spots where the mud is soft, and you can easily sink to your knees. I already lost one boot, and I didn't intend to lose another. We were picking up teeth all over the place, and tha duDe found a large tooth on a pedestal. Without thinking, I started walking over to him. sLOSH! I sunk. Instantly, memories flooded back. This time, though, I was out in 5 minutes because tha duDe was kind enough to free me. He would later regret that act of mercy. We continued to pick up teeth, and I found the first meg of the day. It was barely peeking through the sand, but it made a nice photo. I went up the hill, and tha duDe went across the field. I ended up finding two other megs before the day at superpit was over. Neither was complete, but the thrill of finding a tooth on a pedestal is always great. I had bike troubles on the way back, and since I knew that we'd need to ride at the next spot, I wasn't thrilled.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/26/2003


Another good fossil day thanks to the rains
Another good fossil day thanks to the rains
A birthday dig in solitude
A birthday dig in solitude
Rain turns me into a fossil hunting animal
Rain turns me into a fossil hunting animal





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