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Oligocene Fossil Cleanup Crew

Yesterday, the weezling and I decided to make the most of a lazy summer Saturday afternoon in a squalid, overgrown, mosquito infested, snake ridden gold mine. We haven't hunted the ditch in over a year because honestly, its usually not worth the drive. There is a 100 foot section of an old ditch that cuts through some primo chander bridge and ashley formation. We've had some heavy rains lately, and we thought our chances might be good there.

We walked down into the ditch and the finds started almost immediately. My first tooth of the day was a small angustidens that I saw just sticking out of the chandler bridge at the bottom of the ditch. Its a gem, too. It was my son's turn next with a good 2 incher. Our anticipation grew as we approached the best part of the ditch. Its a spot where two ditches come together to form one. There was a wall of oligocene formation that teeth used to fall out of like crazy because the water from the side ditch would spray into it and erode it. I never went to that place without finding something. Well, when we got to it this visit, we found it completely bulldozed and covered with landscaping cloth and giant boulders of granite. WHAT A WASTE! Usually construction is a good thing. But this time, urban sprawl has served to ruin a hunting spot.

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added6/24/2007

A scallop shell from the Oligocene Ashley formation. Usually I don't care about shells, but this is the first time I ever saw a complete scallop shell in this particular formation.

Lower Angustidens tooth
Lower Angustidens tooth





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