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A day on the Cooper with T$ and RivrDigr

I went (came) down to SC for four days of RivrDigrFest07. The only day we spent on the Cooper River while i was down was with T$ and RivrDigr. Since we knew it was T$'s first dive there, we were certain to point out every gator on the banks, ever gator slide, and talk in details about every creepy thing he could encounter. Cruel or preparations - you decide ;) After an unfortunate day on the 'other' river the day before (see my other post), i was looking for redemption today. I snagged a couple of nice bigger worn megs on each of the two dives, got a shamer 2.75" great white, one nice hastalis, and a nice croc tooth. The complete megs are 4.5" and the biggest broken meg is 5.75". When i was putting all the teeth out for the picture i discovered that one of the frags was actually a benedeni. it is missing the root entirely and has a broken blade, but it is obvious anyway. Overall, a pretty decent set of Cooper dives.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/8/2007

the entire stash from the 2 dives

My First Dive in the Cooper
My First Dive in the Cooper





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