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Nice haul, including the most perfect Angustidens I have ever found.

The past two days, we have had dreary, rainy, cold, nasty weather. Today, we had the first sunny day, so of course, I had to go back to the old faithful creek. Rain always brings out the best in this place, and today was no exception. I wasn't even the first one there today. I saw this guy when I walked up and I was all "ahh man, he found everything so I am just wasting my time." It always pays to look because everyone misses stuff. Check out the total haul in the first picture! I even found two complete megs, which is very rare for this place, since they drive the steam shovels right down the middle. The best find of the day is the big Angustidens - 2 3/4" and flawless. Not a ding anywhere, every serration is as sharp as the day the tooth fell out of the shark's mouth, perfect root, and 100% intact bourlette. This is without a doubt the best, most perfect tooth of this species I have ever found. I screamed like a girl when I picked this beauty out of the muck. I don't want to diminish the other finds, though. Also in the second picture, you can see another perfect 2" stymie. The chunk on the far right is a crocodile tooth. My first one!
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/29/2000


2 3/4" Angustidens Tooth
2 3/4" Angustidens Tooth





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