January 17, 2022  
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A bad day Looking for teeth is better than a good day at work

Today I had an extra opportunity to do a little collecting since it was Memorial day and all. I got up extra early and went down to the ditch so I could hit it and have enough time left over to go do some digging somewhere else. I walked the main part first, and to my surprise there was an overturned Ford Bronco upside down in the ditch. No kidding! I checked for bodies, but there were none, so I continued on my hunt for teeth. I had a little more success in the branch, but still, I didn't find anything superb. I found enough to make it fun though, and since that's why I do it, I was happy.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added5/26/2003


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The Heat is On
The Heat is On
The Heat is On





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