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The Chandler Excursion

I decided to take a trip to the ditch down the street in my neighborhood. I went back to the same area of chandler that I dug from a previous trip where two angustidens were found. I started digging away and after an hour of digging still nothing. Then I start uncovering some whale bones and vertebrae.


After removing the first whale vertebrae I uncovered a little gem right under it. It was a squalodon whale tooth! At this point I got real excited because there is a chance that a skull may be near by. I dug out a huge area, but no skull showed up. I ended up finding one more whale tooth that looks like it was shredded by a shark and a few more whale vertebrae.  

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/16/2007


Squalodon Whale Tooth
Squalodon Whale Tooth





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