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A day of gems

Today, Indiana and I set off early to dig on the whale. We burned about an hour wailing on the chandler bridge, but it didn't produce anything substantial. The sweet squalodon in the photo was found a little downstream. Not wanting to get all tired out, I decided to walk a little against my supposed better judgement. Why? because it had been 3 days since the last good rain (aside - Summerville has had 17 inches of rainfall in July - WOW), and there are people who go there every day. Still, I walked. Seconds after I started, I spotted the wicked mako in the gravel deposits in the bottom of the ditch. Next, I headed up the branch with no luck, but on the way back, I happened to glance a tooth out of the corner of my eye glimmering under 2 inches of clear water, embedded face down in the thick, green chandler bridge, yet completely exposed. I could see it all, as if on a little underwater pedestal. I took my time, snapped a couple photos, picked it up, and admired it in the full mid morning sunlight. WOW! I met back up with Indiana, showed off my finds, and we left.

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/2/2003


2 7/16" Angustidens Shark Tooth
2 7/16" Angustidens Shark Tooth
2 3/16" Mako Shark Tooth
2 3/16" Mako Shark Tooth
3 1/4" Squalodon Molar
3 1/4" Squalodon Molar





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