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A good dive in an old spot

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood as my dad, Fossilguy, Fossilgirl, and I prepared the boat and gear for our diving trip to the Cooper River. On the drive out there, we tried to explain to our guests what they would be doing, what the dive would be like, and what to look out for, but there's no substitute for actually doing it. We decided to hit a shallow spot in Durham Creek since it was the FossilDuo's first time in the river. We didn't want them to have the same first experience that I did! My dad thought it wise to take Fossilgirl in when the current wasn't blasting, so Fossilguy and I went in first. The water was the perfect temperature so we didn't need wetsuits. With the sun shining, we could see from the surface light. We still needed lights, but its not as spooky when you can see for a few feet around you. I immediately started to fan the bottom. Since that river gets scoured weekly by scores of divers, I figured it was my only shot at finding anything. I was right! There were teeth everywhere, and all I had to do was move a little sand. In true Cooper fashion, though, they were almost all mangled. I did come across one adequate megalodon, though. It was cool to see it materialize from under the sand. I had been down an hour and a half already, and I still had over 1000 psi left, so I started swimming some quick search patterns. Just as I was about to come up, I came upon a smooth stretch of river bottom with rocks poking out of it. There were teeth all over the place, including two shamer megs. I wish I wasn't out of air! I swam to the boat and showed off my finds. Fossilguy found a few teeth but he didn't do as well as Wednesday when he found his meg.

Next, it was my dad's and FossilGirl's turn to dive. While they were down, Fossilguy and I shot the breeze and cowered under the boat's canopy to hide from the cold, pouring rain that fell the whole time they were under water. They came up after about an hour and a half, and the first thing I heard my dad say was, "Remember that big meg I found? I lost it!" Apparently, he showed Fossilgirl under water, and it fell out of his pocket when he put it away. He said it didn't have any chips or dings, the serrations were all there, and it was at least 3 1/2 inches long. It was probably the best one he ever found. Bummer! What can you do, though? Maybe next time we go out there, he can find another one, because that one will probably be found Sunday by some other lucky diver!

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/16/2003

I chose a state of limited disorder for the picture today :-)

Its a good thing this hobby is so fun!
Its a good thing this hobby is so fun!
Its a good thing this hobby is so fun!
Its a good thing this hobby is so fun!
The Marathon
The Marathon





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