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The Marathon

The last stop of the day was Superpit. I haven't been there since I took fossilguy out there, and I figured that no matter how picked over it had gotten, 7 inches of rain would wash out something. The worst thing about this place, though, is the bike ride in. A mile and a quarter up and down a muddy, weed covered, hilly road. The gates are locked on weekends, so all you can do is bike down that road. The hunters have made a mess of it, too, so all the rock has long since given way to sand and mud. I can honestly say it was the toughest bike ride I've had to a place. The mud from the road flinged from the tires all over my back as I struggled to muscle though the quagmire. What a pain! I finally got there to a big surprise. New excavation!!! Yes! Megalodons are in store soon! Trying my best to live in the now, I swiftly walked the old areas, making my way to virgin ground. I nearly walked past my best find of the day - just about the sweetest great white I've ever seen. I didn't have my camera again because of rain, else you could have shared in the pedestaled glory. Get this, I found it within 5 feet of the last two great whites over an inch and a half I found here. Finally, I was into the new territory, but little had washed out. It seems that the workers stopped digging just about an inch above the top of the layer, so only the big rocks were sticking out. Now, we're gonna have to dig through all that untouched layer by hand. OH DARN! t$ showed up just about then, and we dug a little together in the new layer before I had to go. I unearthed 3 horse teeth close together and a few more shark teeth, but I forgot my gloves and the dirt and sand that caked my hands was serving to peel the skin from my palms. As I was about to get on my bike, I heard t$ shout that he had just found an awesome 2 1/2" mako. Sweet! I hope he found some more good stuff. Man, it has been a great day hunting fossils. I can't wait to go again this week! My wife has already approved a mid week trip, so there will be more fossil goodies soon! Hopefully my illness will subside soon because there are pleanty more teeth out there!

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/7/2003

This is a nice sum of teeth for an hour and a half of work. Those two horse teeth at lower right were within a foot of each other when I found them.

2 5/16" Great White Shark Tooth
2 5/16" Great White Shark Tooth
13/16" Sand Tiger Shark Tooth
13/16" Sand Tiger Shark Tooth





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