June 3, 2023  
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The Marathon

Well Ditchweezil beat me out their today. The bike ride was really tough, but I don't care I need the work out. I found like maybe 3 teeth walking and I actually found a large amount of teeth digging for just a short amount of time that I did dig, which was about 15 mins. The best mako I found today came from a spot that DW was digging in, thanks man :). It wasn't like it was in plain open view. I noticed it when I paused to take a drink when I was looking down. I'll have to get out there again soon because I know there will be some megs to be found over the new spot.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/7/2003


2 7/16" Mako Shark Tooth
2 7/16" Mako Shark Tooth





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