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Good luck two days in a row

I didn't get out to the ditch the day of the big rain, or even the morning after. I went to work, and tonite, I finally made it. Apparently, there had been some great finds by others the past few days, so I was hopeful that they had missed something. They did. First, another squalodon tooth from the set I've been collecting. It was a little higher in the layer - actually, the top. That's why its a different color. No time to reminisce, so I moved on. Next came a perfect, cream angustidens. Oh man, its sweet! As if the day could have gotten any better, I started splashing a sand bar that rested on top of the Chandler Bridge and it revealed a tip, then a grey blade, then, finally, a complete megalodon. They're hard to find at the ditch for several reasons. The gravel layer that contains them there was really abrasive. As it slowly worked back and forth with the tides back in the pleistocene, it ground up most of the teeth, especially the big ones. Most of the megs there are ground to triangular rocks, but this one still has the enamel on it. Another reason I don't find many megs is because so many people hunt this spot now! There's never a day when someone doesn't go there. I can't blame them, though. If I could, I'd probably go there everyday, too!

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/17/2003

Quite a haul for being like the n-teenth person at the ditch after the rain. I guess the water was still flowing to high for the early birds.
I found so many small nice ones that I took a photo. Starting on the left side, going down, the teeth are:
1, 2, 3 - Snaggletooth Shark
4, 5, 6 - Tiger Shark
7 - Snaggletooth Shark
8, 9 - Grey Shark
10 - Thresher Shark
11 - Grey Shark
12 - Mako (Isurus Desori)
13 - Carcharocles angustidens

1 5/8" Angustidens Shark Tooth
1 5/8" Angustidens Shark Tooth
3 5/8" Squalodon Incisor
3 5/8" Squalodon Incisor





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