September 21, 2023  
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Make that three days in a row!

After my great fortune the other night, I just had to go back out to Superpit. Indiana has been salivating to go for some time now, so I took him with me. We biked in and immediately started digging. We both dug quickly because our daylight was waning, and we came across some broken stuff now and then, but it wasn't until about 10 minutes before we left before I found the awesome great white. All this digging (I've been going at lunch, too) is putting a hurting on my back, but with finds like this, I think I can just tough it out.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/18/2003

I didn't find as many today, but there hasn't been any rain since the last time I went. These are all from digging. See that busted chunk of angustidens on the bottom row? That came from about 20 feet away from the spot where I found the giant angy earlier this week.

2 1/8" Great White Shark Tooth
2 1/8" Great White Shark Tooth





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