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My Frirst Fossil Dive

On Tursday, the ditchweezil and I went to the river with rivrdigr, his kid, Da Fossz, and T$. After waiting for Da Fossz to arive after being late, we had to wait for rivrdigr for an hour and a half to go pick up his kid's gear because he forgot to load it in his truck.

We finnally got out on the river, and i was pumped.  I was so excited to do my firt actuall dive for fossils.  Me and the weezil went down at the same time and  I immediatly started to scower the ground.

My first dive was some what successfull, some junk and a worn little meg. My second dive was not very fun at all, the entire time i was fighting the current.  When i noticed i was low on air, i came up, only to notice that the boat is up current with no body on it.  So for the next half hour I was dangling from a tree until Ditchweezil decided that I had  enough and came and got me.

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/11/2008

My first dive loot

Super Cooper Blooper
Super Cooper Blooper
Diving in the Cooper!
Diving in the Cooper!





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