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A Super Find at Superpit

You'd think that after the Cypress Gardens Fossil Show, I'd have my fossil fix and would not need to hunt but you'd be wrong. There was just enough light left in the day to walk Superpit, and walk it I did. The first thing I picked up was a big benedeni with no root. It was cool, though, because we hadn't found any parotodus there yet. I kinda figured we would find one there eventually, but now I have photographic proof! I walked on and picked up a really big chunk of petrified wood. My biggest piece so far! Next, I found a little megalodon tooth hanging out of the edge of the pit that had been washed out by the deluge last week. Almost out of light, I made my way back to my truck. I was a little disappointed because I was really hoping for something nice after seeing so many killer fossils at the show. But then, as I walked over some piles that I dug out during my last visit when I found the nice 4" megalodon, I saw that distinctive glimmer that only a tooth, a piece of glass, or a shell would have. Since Superpit is entirely bereft of litter and shells, it could only be a tooth. And what a tooth! It was lying on its side and I could see how thick the root was. It could only be parotodus - since I could only see one half, though, I said that little "Please be whole" prayer as I snapped the ground shot. I picked it up and carefully wiped away the dirt - it was all there. Finally! A whole benedeni tooth from Superpit! I love this place!

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Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added11/2/2003

Here's the photo I took of a little meg hanging out of the wall.

1 7/16" Benedeni Shark Tooth
1 7/16" Benedeni Shark Tooth
Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood
Turtle Femur Bone
Turtle Femur Bone





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