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A Sifting I will go...

A day off and nice weather...only one thing on my mind and that was "toothin" ! I packed up my stuff and was out the door. Upon arrival at a spot I consider a productive I decided to walk the area first to see if there was any fossil material setting out. I started finding tooth fragment after tooth fragment until I saw a rarity ! Setting completely out in the open not six feet from me was a Squalodon Canine. I immediately went over and picked it up. It was whole with just some tip wear ! Tip wear is pretty much to be expected though because squalodons don't loose their teeth like sharks. They had the same set their whole life. This is my first complete squalodon tooth and I am one happy fossil hunter ! Moments later I started to sift and found a perfect 13/16ths inch thresher, a few small Megs just above 2 inches, some smaller shark teeth, and some shark verts, but the squalodon canine made my day !
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/26/2009

2-7/16 inch Squalodon Canine
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My best meg I ever found to date
My best meg I ever found to date
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A day of gems

nice finds - 4/27/2009
Reviewer : sharkdentist from
Total Rating : 9.333
Greg you did great love the squalodon canine Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 8 of 10
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great finds. - 4/29/2009
Reviewer : Megalodon843 from South Carolina United States
Total Rating : 9.667
I envy you. Some people have all the luck. Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 9 of 10
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amazing! - 5/4/2009
Reviewer : Govinn from Virginia United States
Total Rating : 10
When I went to PCS I found a partial Squalodon. The guide said that if it had been a complete tooth then he would have hit me over the head with a shovel and buried me out there so that he could have it. LOL Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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