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Killer day at the creek

OH MAN! What a day at the creek! There was a terrential downpour two days ago, and I finally got out to the ditch today. I raked in the fossils - most interestingly, look at the vertebrae - they are massive for a land site - almost 4" in diameter each! The one on the left has a huge bite mark in it, too. You can easily see it in the photo (the long straight line in the middle of it). The gouge is almost a half inch deep! The meg who ate this whale for lunch must have been huge. I had a great day with the Angustidens, too. Three perfect ones.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added3/17/2001

These are about the biggest whale vertebrae that I've ever found at the big ditch. To boot, they are associated, meaning I found them together in the chandler bridge. Even better, they exhibit feeding damage. Look at the vertebra on the left. Just near its center, you can see a gash running vertically, parallel to the midline of the bone. It’s a fantastic example of giant shark predation.

A healthy dose of fosspitality
A healthy dose of fosspitality
A good dive in an old spot
A good dive in an old spot
Its a good thing this hobby is so fun!
Its a good thing this hobby is so fun!

- 12/6/2010
Reviewer : addicted2fossils from Georgia United States
Total Rating : 10
These are very great finds! seeing those vertebrate makes me wanna just go out and find my own! Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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