December 6, 2021  
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Playin' catchup with the rain

I had two quick hunts two days in a row out to superpit. The first day, yesterday, I only hit the piles because the workers were fixing the road to the pit. Today I took tha weEzlinG out to hunt the pit. It hasn't been touched in over a month and we've had lots of rain since then, so we did pretty well. Nothing huge, but there was a good amount to be found so it held our interest for about an hour before we exhausted the hunting area. My best find, a 1 7/8" mako came when I went back to pull my son out of the mud. I leaned over to pull him out and his boots popped off his feet. With him draped over one shoulder, I rescued his boots and got him all set to get stuck somewhere else. I sunk, though, and as I surveyed my surroundings to figure out the best way to get myself loose, I spotted the tip of the mako sticking out of the mud. I finally did get loose, and this time, I didn't even have to leave my boots behind!
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/20/2004


1 7/8" Mako Shark Tooth
1 7/8" Mako Shark Tooth





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