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Raking in the shark teeth

It rained really hard again last night, so this afternoon I took tha weEzlinG out to the ditch to hunt fossils. The water was a little high and still a little dirty, but we managed to scrape a bunch of shark teeth from the ditch. The highlight (besides my son's face when he fell into the ditch!) of the day was digging a tooth I already knew was a shamer from the chandler bridge formation at the bottom of the ditch. I also found a couple big chunks of megalodon teeth. Its always a tense moment when I first spy a giant tooth in situ, but this time I'm reminded that I can't end up with a trophy everytime I go. It makes the sweet finds that much sweeter.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added5/3/2004


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A Cooper Classic!
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Wait till you see THIS!





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