October 4, 2022  
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Another killer day at the creek

Two days ago, we had 3 1/2" rain, and if you have been following my site for long, you know that I always hit the creek after a good rain. I had to wait until after work, but when I finally arrived, there were some real sweeties laying out today! First and foremost, check out the 3" Angustidens. It is a real drooler. Perfect except for 3 serrations near the tip. The 3rd tooth from the left on the top row is another perfect 1 1/2" Angy. The 5th tooth from the left on the top row is a perfect lower great white. The colors on it are fantastic! Finally, The 10th tooth from the left on the top row is an back tooth from a Mako. This is the first time I found a Mako from that tooth position - it looks really cool.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added3/22/2001


1 1/2" Great White Tooth
1 1/2" Great White Tooth





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