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The Fossil Divemaster

I've been saving this post for the new site, and now that its up I can finally put it out there. A few weeks ago when I hooked up with my new dive belt, I met this dude in the dive shop. We shot the breeze for a little bit and I found out he was a fossil diver. I gave him my card and told him a few places to check out in the river. He called me the other day and told me he went where I said to go, but that he got blown out of the water by the current and didn't really find a thing, so he was inviting me to go dive with him. I was like sure, man. Well, we hit the water today at one of my favorite spots so I could show him the ropes. I guided him to the fossil bed, then we parted ways as black water divers often do. When I met back up with him after the dive, he was pretty happy because he actually found some teeth that dive. We all finished the rest of our dives for the day, and when it was done, I had a bag filler day. They were very impressed at the mass of fossil shark teeth I found, and they invited me to go back with them the next time they went out. I was all over that! If I didn't have to breathe air, I'd never come up from the bottom of the river.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/8/2004

I found another dive knife today - that makes 2 in the past month. I wish I would find a sheath down there, too!

Some nice Angustidens from the creek
Some nice Angustidens from the creek
Bag filler day in the Cooper
Bag filler day in the Cooper
Some nice teeth from the creek
Some nice teeth from the creek





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