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Preemptive Taco Bell

I've been in somewhat of a slump lately, so I decided to work a little mojo to improve my Saturday dive. Last night I had Taco Bell for dinner, and I bought an extra Big Bean burrito for breakfast. If that didn't break my streak, nothing would! I met Ted at the boat ramp and we headed off to the spot we decided to dive last week. There were two fishermen right there, and not wanting to get hooked, we decided to dive at a spot down the river a little. After a little exploratory diving, I headed off towards the gravel bed. It was loaded! I couldn't move two feet without picking up a handfull of teeth. Just like normal, though, everything was beaten up. I continued harvesting teeth for until I was down to the end of my tank, and as I was getting ready to hook my bag to my BC, I found the find of the dive - a sweet great white tooth. I could tell underwater that it was awesome, and that was my sign that it was time to go. I clipped my bag and started swimming towards the shore underwater. Its often easier to swim underwater when there's a killer current going. A few minutes later, as I decided to surface I spotted an arrowhead on the edge of the gravel bar. Awesome! I put it in my bag and started to surface. I got a little tangled on a submerged line, but I untangled myself quickly and made it to the top. I was a LONG way from the boat, but luckily it was down current from me, so all I had to do was swim the 200 yards to get in line with the boat and let the current to the rest. I wear a lot of weight, and I was barely able to keep on the surface, but I was doing ok swimming to the boat. About 2/3 of the way there I ran out of steam and I yelled to Ted and his brother (someone is always on the boat when we're diving) to come and get me. They pulled up a minute or so later and pulled me out of the water, the whole time poking fun at how out of shape I was. I seriously am! I'm not fat, but sitting in front of a computer all day everyday doesn't do much for my endurance. Anyway, the jokes stopped when they saw how loaded my bag was. It turns out that Ted couldn't find the gravel bed and didn't even find one tooth. SUCKY! We headed off to the next spot, this time sans fisherman and Ted went down on his own. I was still out of breath. I didn't know if I wanted to dive again. Ted came up after about 10 minutes, out of breath from fighting the current. He said there was nothing but a pile of bricks on the bottom, so he didn't really think there would be anything there. Regardless, he didn't feel like fighting the falling tide anymore. We went to a spot where the current wouldn't be so bad. We got into the water, and I started picking up teeth all over the place again. I found a spot where the layer was just getting uncovered, and it was loaded with megalodon teeth. Most were beat, but its FUN to find big teeth underwater. They look gigantic. I came up (and made it to the boat by myself) hoping that Ted had as good of dive as I did. It turns out he only found one tooth! Next time, I'll take him down and show him what's going on. He's been taking me diving too long to still be coming back empty handed. Next week, I will call him Grasshopper and teach him the ways of the weEziL.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/11/2004

I haven't had a haul like this in a long time!
I came across this and I had to pick it up because I've found a bunch of great pleistocene fossils in the spot where I found this, and I never leave a possible fossil behind. I can't scratch it with my fingernail when its wet like I could a bone, so I'm becoming convinced that its fossilized. It does look like a chicken leg, which is why I think its a bird bone of some kind.

2 13/16" Megalodon Shark Tooth
2 13/16" Megalodon Shark Tooth
2" Arrowhead
2" Arrowhead
1 7/8" Great White Shark Tooth
1 7/8" Great White Shark Tooth





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