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The Superpit Death March

Its been a while since the gang has gotten together to go on a fossil hunt. da f0ssZ came down for a 2 day fossil bonanza, and tha duDe was more than happy to answer the call to hunt megalodon teeth. We decided to go to an old spot since there was nothing else going on hotspot-wise. I probed around and found some gravel down pretty deep, and I started to peel off the overburden to get down to the layer. the duDe borrowed my probe and found a spot close by. I found fossil whale bone right away. loads of it. all over the place, crammed in between the 10 - 50 pound boulders. For two hours I worked the spot - channeling water, removing overburden, scraping muck, peeling layer. I found two little broken pieces of shark teeth in an area 7 feet by 7 feet. tha duDe didn't fare much better. I moved on and found that da f0ssZ's luck had also been pretty lousy. I found layer a mere foot under the ground in this one place, and I started clearing away the weeds to get at some dirt without roots. I found a few more teeth there, enough to keep me going anyway. I cleared away about the same total amount of dirt over here, and came away if a few more broken shark teeth, one shamer mako shark tooth, and a really nice horse tooth. We decided to call it quits when after 5 hours not a single one of us found a complete megalodon tooth. The wierd thing is that the next time we go out there, we could all find 2 or three nice megalodon teeth each. Or it could be a repeat of today. Tomorrow we will hunt again and hopefully one of us will raise our shovels in victory.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/29/2004


Fossil Horse Tooth
Fossil Horse Tooth





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