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The Death March - part 2

Day 2 of our fossil hunt - we decided not to dig again as the pain had not yet subsided from our previous day's dig. We were only going to walk some ditches, maybe dig a little if we run across some nice layer. The first spot was the other end of a ditch I used to hunt with I was 8. It has Chandler Bridge formation all along the bottom for about 100 yards. Then it disappears on both ends. In that one section, the possibilities for nice angustidens are very good. I ended up finding a real shamer lying right on the layer. The tip was broken right off. Bummer! Still a pretty shark tooth, though. I picked up a few smaller ones and made a good time of it. tha duDe dug the layer the whole time, and da f0ssZ employed his patented shovel sift method in the stream bed. Neither really scored big like they had hoped, but both agreed that the spot had real potential for the future.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/30/2004


My first dive of 2002
My first dive of 2002
Finally!! Some REAL rain!
Finally!! Some REAL rain!
A Cooper Classic!
A Cooper Classic!





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