June 3, 2023  
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Another Weekend - Another Fossil Hunt

So my son and I have been hangin out a lot lately, and he wants to go fossil hunting all the time. Who am I to deny? He, his brother, and I hit the big ditch after a rainfall this week and even though there were footprints everywhere, we still found teeth. the weezling almost stepped on the 2 inch dingustiden. Seriously - his little boot was less than an inch from the blade as it was sticking out of the ashley formation. That stuff is AWESOME for preserving teeth. Its the upper member of the Cooper Group and is dated ~30 million years old. Its the same formation we hunt when we dive the edisto, although there is is softer than at the ditch. Anyway the point of that whole digression is my kid almost stepped on a rare Ashley Formation tooth. They decided they didn't want to hunt anymore so they stayed at the point where the ditches join together. There is this cliff there and they like to climb it and slide back down. I continued to hunt while they played and I noticed how primed this spot is for a good rain. At the very end of the hunt, I was scouring this wall of Chandler Bridge Formation. Its also Oligocene, but its only ~28 million years old and overlies the Ashley Formation. Its where more of the Angustidens shark teeth we find come from, because this formation is softer and erodes more easily. In this last hurrah of hunting I found a killer. Its tiny, but so awesome. It is the smallest angustidens I have ever found. About that time, the kids showed up and we walked back to the truck. of course they were filthy, but it so didn't matter. Some of my fondest memories of when I was a kid involve ditches and modest quantities of squalor. Life in fossils is good.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/12/2005


3/8 inch angustidens shark tooth
3/8 inch angustidens shark tooth





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