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Time to Dive Again!

The weEziLf0n clucked Thursday night and as soon as I looked at the number, I smiled. It was Ted, and he wanted to dive Saturday. I was totally in. I scored some new gear this week and I was excited to try it out in the river. Saturday was a beautiful, crystal clear sunny day. We hit an old faithful spot just as the tide started to fall. I was in first, and I got blasted for the first 30 minutes, but I hunted with vengence. The viso was so great that we actually had light from the sun at 17 feet! There wasn't a bunch of stuff laying out, but I swam hard and scooped up a decent amount of stuff. Ted went down and came back with a cool arrowhead. My turn again, and this time I found way less in quantity, but the quality was all that. I found an encrusted great white that I could tell underwater was a sweetie. I scraped off the crud and drooled through my regulator. It was right next to the anchor, so it was a piece of cake to find the boat. Ted's last dive. There were boaters everywhere, and pretty much everyone stayed away, but a few times I some fool buzzed his bubbles. The cool thing was that the SC DNR was out this weekend doing safety checks and busting drunk rednex. While Ted was down the water cops stopped by Ted's boat and checked all his gear and my hobby diver license. I actually had it with me, so I sighed a sigh of relief. Before they left, they scoped out my teeth and nodded in agreement that I had a good day.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added5/28/2005


Fossil Great White Shark Tooth
Fossil Great White Shark Tooth





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