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The Super Cooper Trip

After months of planning the long awaited road trip to the Cooper river finally arrived. The drive up from Florida was pretty rough, non-stop rain the whole way up. But thoughts of the giant megs that awaited us kept me going. Actually, with this being our first trip to the Cooper I really wasn't expecting a whole lot. A couple of megs and maybe some old bottles and I would have been happy. We had 4 days on the river I expected the first couple of days would just be recon, then maybe the last couple we would find some stuff. But as luck would have it, the first spot we hit produced some nice teeth. And every every spot after we scored teeth. The 6" meg came on the last tank of the last day. What a way to end a trip!
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/3/2005


My first  6"
My first 6"
Tapir Tooth
Tapir Tooth
Horse Tooth
Horse Tooth
Dolphin Tooth
Dolphin Tooth
Whale tooth
Whale tooth





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